Depression Signs and Symptoms

Signs that You Need a Change:

•     Does the counter girl at Chuck’s Donuts know you by name?
•     Do dust bunnies fly out when you unroll your yoga mat?
•     Do you start wishing for Friday on Monday?
•     Has it been years since you’ve tried anything new?
•     Does a beautiful sunrise, fail to take your breath away?

 Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we simply are unable to help ourselves

If you have any four or more of these symptoms listed below for more than two weeks, You May be Depressed

Depression may include:

1.   Feeling sad, hopeless, or extreme anxiety.
2.   Lack of interest or pleasure in usual activities.
3.   Increase or decrease in appetite (if you are living next to the refrigerator and hiding food under the bed it’s time to make a phone call)
4.   Frequent backaches, headaches, stomach problems or other aches and pains that don’t respond to treatment.
5.   Insomnia or excessive sleepiness (more than 10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period is concerning).
6.   Feeling worthless or guilty (my mother always said, “a little guilt is good, a lot of guilt isn’t”)
7.   Low energy, fatigue or tiredness
8.   Inability to concentrate or remember
9.   Frequent thoughts of suicide or death

If you think you might be depressed talk to your doctor. If you are not satisfied, seek another opinion. Remember, you are in charge of your own destiny!