AbilityPath and Bully Movie Tackle Special Needs Bullying

bullyin-no-moreIn March 2011, AbilityPath released Walk a Miles in Their Shoes, a groundbreaking report raising awareness that bullying of children with special needs is one of the highest of any other subgroup. Together, with actress Lauren Potter who portrays Becky Jackson on Glee, we set out to Disable Bullying and include children with special needs in the national conversations on bullying.

As a result of our campaign, we were invited to the Federal Summit on Bullying where we met the director and other people working on a moving documentary; now known simply as Bully. Together with support from the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Autism Speaks and the PACER Group, AbilityPath and the great team at Bully put together a website dedicated to creating a bully free world for kids of all abilities. Included on the site is a toolkit for parents, educators and students.

Have you seen the movie (view trailer)? Tell us what you thought and what other resources you would like to see provided to help end bullying! Meet other parents who are committed to creating a bully-free world, join our Anti-Bullying Programs Group and share what your community is doing to end bullying.