Father’s Day Ideas

summerskillbuildingtipsFathers are wonderful people; they pay the bills, protect their family, love unconditionally, and can always be counted on. In 1908 in West Virginia a lot of these wonderful men were lost in a deadly mine explosion and Father’s Day was formed to honor these men. In 1966 Father’s Day finally became a national holiday to be celebrated the third Sunday in June. This is a holiday fathers have earned and we should celebrate them accordingly.

AbilityPath fathers are a group of these fathers that should definitely not be overlooked. AbilityPath Fathers hold their baby for the first time in their arms and learn that their child will have lifelong special needs. AbilityPath Fathers often try to meet these challenges with valor and ingenuity and devote long hours to the physical and emotional care of their children, often sacrificing their time and resources in the process. Here are some ways to celebrate that very special father in your life this Father’s Day:

Rehearse with your children to communicate to their father how much they love and appreciate him. Have them recount something nice they did together and express it in a card or with words.

Make a movie of tender moments in your family. Many dads are more sentimental than you think. Pictures and movies are proven ways to stay happy and upbeat.

Many AbilityPath Fathers do not get enough sleep. Make sure they get some extra sleep on their special day. Allow them to sleep in or take a nice nap.

Take advantage of the timing of father’s day in the middle of summer to plan a family picnic. Make sure to stock up on dad’s favorite foods, desserts, and beverages. Keep the cooking and clean up simple, and focus on family time outside.

This is a simple and healthy way to enjoy the day with dad. Pack up the kids, drinks and snacks, and choose a nice hike from the national parks sites. Plan it ahead of time so that dad does not have to do any of the planning.

Buy those tickets to a sporting event of his favorite team. You can take the whole family or just the two of you go – it is okay to go ahead and splurge on this holiday to make sure dad gets to do something he loves

Give dad the afternoon off from fatherly duties to go pick out his own gift. Give him a gift card to a store he loves, and then send him off for a peaceful afternoon alone to shop and walk around.