Toolkit: Social Skills

Social skills groups are generally targeted to students with a wide range of ages (often 4-13 year olds) that are then grouped based on their developmental level and functioning.  These students have varying needs and backgrounds such as children with autism, AD/HD, stress disorders, cognitive delays, or speech and language disorders to name a few.


  • “Fun” Therapy
  • Learn Daily Life Skills
  • Self-Esteem Builder
  • Social Communication Skills
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Positive Interaction Skills
  • Social Conflict Skills


  • Creative Role-Playing
  • Peer Discussions
  • Group Art Projects
  • Snacks & Cooking Lessons
  • Playground Activities


  • Interpret Body Language
  • Understand Verbal Cues
  • Identify Causes of Emotions
  • Identify Responses to Situations
  • Initiate Conversation with Peers
  • Respond Appropriately to Comments
  • Identify Responses & Solutions to Problems
  • Develop Compromise Skills with Peers