liamOn December 7, 2011, Doug and I celebrated Liam’s 1st birthday. It was a fun day that included all the typical birthday festivities: food, games, eating his birthday cake. Liam was a typically-developing one-year-old who was talking and playing. Two months later that all changed! He stopped talking and playing and began just gazing out. He wasn’t responding to his name being called anymore. It was terrifying. Doug and I didn’t hesitate and immediately sought help for him after he was identified as autistic. Liam is now 2 years old. He receives the following weekly services: 17 hours of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services, 2 hours of OT, 2 hours of speech, and 2 hours of early intervention. He still doesn’t speak, but does communicate through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). I am asking my colleagues to support my family and all the other families who are affected by autism.