Proloquo2Go FAQs

What is Proloquo2Go?

  • Proloquo2Go is an Assistive and Augmentative Communication Application for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

What does Proloquo2Go do?

  • Proloquo2Go provides a method for communicating for children and adults that have trouble speaking.

  • Supports Picture and/or Text based Communication
  • Over 7000 Icons/Vocabulary
  • 8000 Built- in Symbols
  • Male, Female, Boy or Girl Voices available in different accents.
  • Automatic plurals, possessive of nouns and conjugation of verbs.
  • Quick access to recently spoken items up to one week back.

Who can Use Proloquo2Go

    • Children that have trouble with speaking could possibly be taught to use this app by pushing symbols and/or vocabulary words to form phrases. The easy to understand symbols enable children and other individuals with special needs to communicate. Proloquo2Go works on all iDevices, making it a portable AC device.

A child with severe motor impairment and speech impairment may not be able to operate this app .  It should also be noted that a certain level of cognitive skills are needed that might be absent in an individual with mental retardation who also has sever e communication issues.

Links & Resources:
Proloquo2Go website