ToolKit: Strategies to Support Your Child’s Learning Style

Here are some things you can do to support your child’s prominent learning style:


  • Have your child sit in clear view of the teacher, particularly during group activities. This will help your child integrate information through demonstration and observation.
  • Read different types of books to your child
  • Demonstrate what you would like your child to do, in addition to giving verbal directions
  • Explore developmentally appropriate puzzles. There are a range of puzzles that teach educational concepts, such as colors, numbers, and opposites
  • Provide opportunities to draw and participate in a variety of art projects
  • Use visuals to aid instruction. This can be especially helpful for children with autism, who tend to learn visually (For example: use a picture chart with morning routine – breakfast, toothbrush, jacket, backpack for school)


  • Read books aloud with your child. Vary your tone and pitch as the concepts in the story change
  • Explore pre-recorded books or books on tape, for older children
  • Sing songs and expose your child to different kinds of music. Many children’s songs teach a variety of early educational concepts.


  • Provide a variety of hands-on experiences
  • Allow your child to explore objects


  • Encourage your child to “act out” his or her favorite book or nursery rhyme
  • Support your child’s need to move, by providing frequent periods for moving
  • Encourage recreational sports or dance, where your child can meet peers who share similar interests and strengths