Special Needs Musicians, No Problem Orchestra, to Perform at British Royal Wedding


no-problem-orchestraNo Problem Orchestra,’ an eight-member musical ensemble featuring musicians with special needs, will be playing at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011. These Austrian musicians are diagnosed with Down syndrome or developmentally delayed. ‘No Problem Orchestra’ plays a wide variety of music including jazz, rock, classical, and Austrian traditional songs. They aren’t sure just yet what will be played for William and Kate, but it may range from The Beatles to Mozart.

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Since forming in 1985, they have performed in more than 5,000 concerts worldwide, including two performances at the Special Olympics in Austria and a recital for Queen Elizabeth II. This special needs orchestra has a busy schedule for 2011. In July, they will perform in Monaco for the wedding of Prince Albert II and his fiancée Charlene Wittstock. They have also been asked to play at the start and finish line of the New York City Marathon.

‘No Problem Orchestra’ isn’t the only band featuring artists and musicians with different abilities. Other examples include ‘The interPLAY Company Band‘ which performs in Washington D.C., the Rock band ‘Flame‘ which performs in New York and The Spirit of Goodwill, which has played at the White House and is featured on the documentary “For Once in My Life.”

View a video of ‘No Problem Orchestra’ on Youtube.com.

Music therapy is the use of music intervention to accomplish specific therapeutic goals implemented by a credentialed professional. Music therapy may be used for children with special needs allowing them access to a music-making experience regardless of their musical abilities. Therapists may assess the emotional, physical, social, communication and cognitive abilities of a child through musical responses.

Therapeutic goals addressed in music therapy may include:
Communication and Speech
Social and Emotional Development
Intellectual Development

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