Trick or Treat


Halloween Trick or Treat Social Story

image-holloweenHalloween can be a fun holiday but also a little scary with all the different costumes and masks. It can also be a loud holiday with everyone so excited. But I will have fun on Halloween with my Mom or Dad because they will take me trick or treating and will hold my hand if I start to feel scared.

The first thing I will do when I go trick or treating is to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer the door. image2The door may have scary or unexpected decorations around it. That is okay, lots of people decorate their door for Halloween.

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When the person answers the door I will:

  1. Hold out my bag and say “Trick or Treat”
  2. Say “Thank You” for the candy (even if I don’t like it, mom will give me something else later for it)
  3. If there are other kids in costume, I will keep my body safe as I wait for my turn

I will NOT go inside any of the houses I go to.


I will not eat any of my candy until I get home and check with my mom or dad what candy I can eat.

last-page-imageHalloween can be lots of fun. I just need to remember to hold my mom or dad’s hand when I get scared and keep my body safe.
If I start to get tired, I will use my words to say I am done going to houses to “Trick or Treat” and I want to go home.

Click here to download a PDF copy of this Halloween Social Story.