Chefs Share Tips for Healthy Eating


With the holidays fast approaching, AbilityPath’s parent nonprofit organization, Community Gatepath welcomed chefs from Stanford University’s Dining Department to help young adults with disabilities and their families kick-off healthy eating habits.   In November AbiltiyPath’s released Finding Balance  a report illustrating the greater health risks facing kids with special needs as it relates to obesity.  Stanford Dining’s Executive Chef David Iott, shared some quick tips for our AbilityPath families  in the video below before their presentation.

applesWhen asked what tops points they’d share with youth interested in cooking, the chefs suggested:

  • Wash hands frequently.  Every time you touch a new item, side on safety and wash your hands before touching something new.
  • Have designated cutting boards for meats and vegetables.  Some boards are color coded or some families label them to make it easy for youth!
  • Avoid or at least reduce eating/drinking anything in cans.  Buy fresh or frozen.  And that favorite soda—try doing kitchen “experiments” with sparkling watch and splashes of juice.
  • Write down everything you eat—be mindful of what you put into your body!
  • Switch to smaller plates for dinner—you’d be amazed, you actually eat less!


There are also other great toolkits from the Finding Balance report, including:
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