DEI Applications: Programs, Services, and Partners

Better Together, Better with YOU

What are some of the ways (big and small) that your department is working to incorporate DEI into lessons, team meetings, programs, services, day-to-day operations?

Adult Services

  • Create a cheat sheet/tips on how to navigate difficult and challenging conversations/situations with participants.
  • Promote DEI on monthly basis through Netflix club, 1:1 sessions with participants, team meeting updates and questions and classes
  • Created and distributed ILS calendar incorporating DEI Holidays and cultural awareness months; reviewed with team during monthly team meetings.
  • Discuss access needs and educational videos each month during team meetings to address DEI concerns, issues and incorporate changes.
  • Assign staff to attend one DEI meeting or research something on a topic related to DEI at least every 6 months and present back to the team at least 1-2 times per month.
  • Research and create list of DEI training/event opportunities and develop team debrief opportunities for each.

Children and Family Support Services

  • Hiring – create a “meet the team” intro bio + pictures for candidates to preview identities of the team.
  • Collaborate with DEI presenter or external trainer with ECSE experience at least once per year.
  • Tie DEI related subject matter into weekly HMG and FRC team meetings and once a month Case Review meetings.
  • Add pronouns to zoom meetings, email signatures, introductions in community meetings and outreach online events.

AbilityPath Human Resources and Administration

  • Focus on career development for BIPOC, including retention, engagement and succession planning.
  • Support/encourage managers to find program specific DEI trainings from external professionals.
  • Create “cheat sheet” for core DEI concepts that can be shared with staff, participants, families, board, auxiliary, and external partners.
  • Review Finance and IT related technologies and processes to ensure AbilityPath is adequately meeting staff and participant’s access needs.
  • Improve person-centered practices and accessibility at events (ie. incorporating pronouns as part of the photo/authorization process, closed captioning, translation services, selection of physical spaces and vendor/speaker expansion).
  • Increase diverse representation and accessibility in marketing through visual imagery and engaging with those we serve for participant-centered content creation.

Learning Links

  • Schedule a DEI workshop for both parents & teachers.
  • Ensure lesson plans incorporate process-based STEAM and DEI curriculum activities into the weekly curriculum (Tod-PreK) and created to be inclusive and adaptive to children’s needs.
  • Provide opportunities for families/staff to recognize and celebrate cultures and holidays within center community, which are highlighted on the annual calendar.

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