Olivia Finds Her Voice

For Olivia, that frustration caused meltdowns even as people tried to help her learn to speak. With the help of Tasneem Ali, her speech therapist, Olivia has come a long way.

Be an ally for 585 children who receive our speech, occupational, physical therapy, and early intervention services each year.

Lofty Goals Are Within His Reach

Diedrik plays piano, has three majors in college, and volunteers as an entertainer for preschoolers. With our support, Diedrik is reaching for his goals.

Be an ally to help 600+ adults with developmental disabilities achieve their potential.

Persistence Pays

Ravi was determined to work at Savers in San Jose. Then Covid hit, and the hiring process stretched on for months. But Ravi did not give up. Working with Joanne, his ally for employment at AbilityPath, Ravi was able to achieve his goal of landing that job.

Be an ally for 216 adults with developmental disabilities working in our community.

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