Neal Poppin Award Winners

In 2007, AbilityPath created an award in honor of Neal Poppin, a young man with cerebral palsy whose determination, spirit, and enthusiasm transcended any limitations he faced. We were blessed to have Neal in our programs for so many years. Each year at our Power of Possibilities event, we honor his memory by presenting the Neal Poppin Award to someone in our programs who exemplifies the power of the human spirit to rise above limitations and live their best possible life. See our past winners below!

2024 – Douglas Sheehan

2023 – Marco Pedrizco

2022 – Jennifer Gorman

2021 – Sharon Boddie

2020 – Rolando Hernandez

2019 – Mitzi Zwierlein

2018 – Annett Guterres

2017 – Fernando Arce

2015 – John Mojica

John came to AbilityPath (then Gatepath) for job training and placement, He started at Safeway as a courtesy clerk, and four years later, he realized his dream of being a checker! He received the Neal Poppin Award on October 16th with a standing ovation.

2014 – Jamie Hanson

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