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AbilityPath has established strong community partnerships with local and national businesses, as well as community-based organizations, and places more than 100 adults with disabilities in jobs throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties each year. Our employment services provide individuals and groups with community employment based on their skills and experience; employers benefit from a reliable and highly trained workforce for hard-to-fill positions that reflect the diversity of our community.

We work with individuals to evaluate current skills, determine which skills need development and identify interests and goals within the workforce. We will help individuals apply to jobs, prepare for the interview, assist with any follow-ups and help with training and onboarding once hired. Support can include:

  • Strengthening your skills to be a strong job candidate
  • Creating and editing your resume
  • Teaching effective and creative job-search techniques
  • Practicing interview skills
  • Setting up on-going job coaching services

Individual placements have been made at more than 100 local and national companies, including grocery and retail stores, theaters, food service and department stores. Additionally, on-site job coaching and staff training have led to a retention rate of almost 90% among AbilityPath placements.

Group Employment

Group employment provides competitive and integrated opportunities that fill employer needs while helping employees develop strong professional, behavioral and social skills. Groups of four are supervised by an AbilityPath job coach, who ensures the highest standards of professional behavior. Group employment positions include laundry, hospitality, janitorial, retail and packaging services.

For more information, email intake@abilitypath.org or visit our partner page.

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