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California State Budget for Fiscal Year 2021/2022

In 2018 a California Department of Developmental Services commissioned study confirmed the dire financial situation of the intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDD”) system.  

A key finding of the State’s report was the reality that the developmental disabilities services system was annually underfunded by over $1.4 billion!

Following projections of California’s historic budget surplus, AbilityPath, and other organizations, took immediate action and began advocating for a significant shoring up of the funding for the developmental disabilities system.  We asked lawmakers to address the nearly $1.4 billion funding gap outlined in the State’s 2018 report. Funding inaction by Legislators would undermine the long-term sustainability of programs and services for the developmental disabilities systems.

With the details of the newly signed budget now available, we have learned that there are some long overdue improvements to the funding needs of the IDD system.  However, it is clear there is much work that is needed to be done to shore up the IDD system of care!

Overall, the State budget increases of approximately $2 billion, are to be phased in over a five-year period, with the vast majority of the increased funding not taking effect until 2025.

In addition, none of the increases are effective until April 2022 and these increases will be subject to a “quality incentive program”, for which the details have not been provided.

AbilityPath welcomes the long overdue funding provided in the newly enacted State budget. We intend to be an active partner and member of the workgroups being formed by the Department of Developmental Services, which will help inform the details of the quality incentive programs that will be tied to funding increases.

We will continue to advocate on behalf of our staff and the children, adults, and families we serve, ensuring their needs are addressed.

Legislative Priorities

Close the $1.4B funding gap

Service accessibility with flexibility, person-centered outcomes, and individual choice

Pursue recognition for the Direct Support Professional Workforce

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