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AbilityPath provides a lifetime of services for individuals with developmental disabilities in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Our mission is to empower people with special needs to achieve their full potential through innovative, inclusive programs, and community partnerships

Through our affiliated AbilityPath organizations, we have a variety of positions available ranging from working with children as Preschool Teachers and Children’s Therapists to working with adults and seniors as Independent Living Supervisors or Integrated Living Program Instructors.


We provide a well-rounded career experience that includes job training and development opportunities, employee recognition programs, paid time off, and other benefits creating a total compensation package to support a healthy and balanced life.

Join us in creating a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected, and included.

Better Together, Better with YOU

Our mission to accept, respect, and include people of all abilities extends to every member of our community. As an organization, we are committed to the lifelong process of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) learning and application as we continue to build a more inclusive culture, where everyone plays a role in advancing DEI and has opportunities to represent themselves authentically. We aspire to use our advocacy to challenge ableism and all corresponding systems of privilege and oppression through our programs and services. We will always have work to do, and we look forward to doing it TOGETHER!

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