Board Members: The Highest Form of Volunteer

AbilityPath has fantastic board members, bringing with them their own areas of expertise.  We strive to ensure our board members can amplify the voices of the communities we serve and that they are experts in subjects that are relevant to our mission.  We are fortunate to have these excellent advisors further our organization’s work!

COVID-19 Updates

Dear AbilityPath Family,
The pace of changes we have had to adapt to this week has been unprecedented. I know how unsettling and disorienting this has been for all of us.

2020-2021 California Budget Proposal

Governor Newsom shared his 2021-2022 state budget proposal in a news conference on Friday, January 8th.  The Governor stated his proposed budget was developed with a strong focus on the urgent needs of Californians, which includes wildfire preparation and addressing the fallout from COVID-19.

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