January 13, 2022

2022-2023 California Budget Proposal

Governor Newsom shared his 2022-2023 state budget proposal in a news conference on Monday, January 10th. The Governor stated his proposed budget was developed with a strong focus on “five of California’s biggest challenges,” as laid out in the California Blueprint. Those challenges are
COVID-19, climate change, homelessness, inequality, and “keeping our streets safe.”

AbilityPath is pleased that the Governor’s current budget proposal does not include any reductions to the current funding level for the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) system. Some of the DDS budget highlights include:

  • Estimated DDS caseload growth is expected to grow to 408,000 individuals for the 2022-23 fiscal year, an increase of approximately 20,000 individuals.
  • The Budget includes funding for six headquarters positions to enhance oversight and outcomes of services for children and their families. In addition, funding is included to reduce caseload ratios for children birth through age five, provide technical support for service coordinators, and promote inclusive preschool options.
  • The Budget includes funding for one headquarters position and funding for a three-year pilot of a service model focused on career readiness for consumers exiting work activity programs or secondary education. This is an important step forward as California phases out subminimum wage.

While we are pleased the Governor’s budget proposal does not reduce our funding, it is important to acknowledge that the DDS system remains severely underfunded following a decade of cuts that have not been restored. AbilityPath will continue to advocate for investments in the system, ensuring Californians of all abilities are accepted, respected, and included.

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