Bryan Neider, CEO
March 19, 2019

Collaboration Helps Nonprofits Thrive


That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been so excited to be on the board of Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits for San Mateo County. It was a privilege to participate recently in Thrive’s strategic retreat, where we explored new ways to achieve the organization’s mission of supporting and promoting a nonprofit sector that’s a major contributor to the economic and social health of San Mateo County.

Thrive is comprised of 230 nonprofit, government, business, and community leaders working together to strengthen the nonprofit sector, thereby improving the quality of life throughout our community. During the strategic retreat, we brainstormed a variety of ways to better foster active collaboration between our organizations, whether that be joining together as one voice to advocate for resources, policies, and regulations, sharing facilities, holding knowledge-sharing sessions to gain from each other’s expertise, and more.

I’m happy to say Gatepath “practices what we preach”. For example, we share conference rooms, classroom space, and facilities with our nonprofit partners. We also share knowledge and best practices, which includes important leadership and staff training programs. Sharing leverages our resources with other nonprofit partners, allowing all of us to expand and improve the services we provide.

Earlier this month, Gatepath and Abilities United announced that we are merging our two organizations; this strategic move will enable us to more effectively address the challenges posed by the increasing costs of doing business in the Bay Area. By aligning our two organizations, in common purpose and freely sharing of skills and knowledge, we will be better positioned to ensure the quality and continuity of the services we provide.

Whether you’re seeking to network with other nonprofit leaders, or you want to talk about how to expand collaboration efforts, or you want to share resources, I highly recommend taking advantage of the wealth of experience and information you can access by joining Thrive.

Here’s a link to learn more about Thrive and some of our upcoming events:

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