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December 17, 2019

Hillsborough Living: Spotlight on Gatepath

Hillsborough Living
December 2019
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Spotlight on Gatepath

Gatepath Celebrates 100 Years of Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Gatepath, a nonprofit founded in 1920 as the Welfare and Public Health Service of San Mateo County, has grown significantly over the past 100 years to become a cornerstone of the community. Today, Gatepath is the largest provider of services on the Peninsula for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Each day, its dedicated and compassionate staff serves more than 1,500 individuals and families at 13 locations in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Gatepath’s comprehensive service portfolio includes free developmental screenings, pediatric therapy, and three inclusive preschools for infants and children, as well as independent living skills programs and job training and placement for adults. All programs are designed to promote inclusion and prepare individuals to actively participate in their schools, community, and workplaces.

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