Learning and Schools


The Anti-Bullying Program: Do Anti-Bullying Programs Work for Children With Developmental Disabilities?

Programs and approaches that work in schools, communities and homes to disable bullying.


The Signs: What every parent should know about bullying

Parents must be the primary managers and advocates of their child with developmental disabilities.


The IEP: Addressing Bullying with a Child’s IEP

Although they may be targets, children who are bullied do not have to remain victims. With the appropriate tools and support systems in place, a child can be a part of changing the situation.


The Testimonials: A first hand perspective on bullying from parents and children

Stories ripped from the headlines from parents on their child’s experience with bullying.

Schools and IEPs

How Students with Developmental Disabilities and Disabilities Can Get Involved with Peers

How do we effectively suggest and implement better involvement between our students with developmental disabilities and their peers?

Schools and IEPs

Get Ready for Kindergarten!

Being ready for kindergarten means that your child is able to attend to and learn the information being presented in the academic setting and is emotionally able to interact appropriately with her teacher and fellow students.

Pre Academic Skills

Building Early Mathematics Skills

Developing early math skills helps build critical thinking and problem solving skills for young children.

Learning Styles

Children’s Learning Styles

Learning styles is a term that refers to different ways in which we learn, process, and retain information.

Schools and IEPs

What Are Designated Instructional Services (DIS)?

Your child may be eligible for Designated Instruction Services (DIS), also known as related services. These support services help a child benefit from his special education program.

Schools and IEPs

What is Inclusive Preschool Education?

Inclusive education is a system in which students with developmental disabilities can attend school with their typically developing peers. An inclusive preschool system integrates special education and related services into all aspects of its program.

Schools and IEPs

What if You Don’t Agree with the Proposed IEP Services?

Signing the IEP form denotes your agreement with the plan and will allow services to begin. Here’s what to do if you don’t agree with the plan.

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