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We are here to help you during this health crisis


Which programs are suspended?

Most in-person services are currently suspend to align with current restrictions. Updates for reopening will be provided in the near future. Many of our programs are offering virtual services during this time:

  • Learning Links is currently closed and will plan to reopen in January.
  • Children’s Therapy is offering tele-therapy options for parents and their children and for our school district clients.
  • Family Support Services is maintaining support services and developmental screenings through virtual tools.
  • Adult Services Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills, Adult Day Programs, and Computer Education sessions are being offered remotely, and in-person services will continue to be provided for those who need emergency services. Group Employment sites remain open on a case by case basis.

See below for program specific questions.

Will the suspension of in-person services be extended?

AbilityPath will continue to follow the recommendations of public health officials.

Can I still volunteer?

We are offering virtual opportunities instead of in-person volunteering at this time. For more information, visit our volunteer page.

How can I support AbilityPath during this time?

Since much of our program revenue is attendance-based, there will be a financial impact to programs as a result of the closures. The generosity of our community is also very important to us at this time.

Your donations are always appreciated and at this time, they can provide much needed support as we navigate this challenging situation. Here are two ways you can support us now:

  • Donate online
  • Mail your contribution to AbilityPath, 350 Twin Dolphin Dr, Suite 123, Redwood City, CA 94065

Learning Links

Where do I learn more about Learning Links policies and procedures?

Parents of currently enrolled students will receive information directly from your school. For more information or to answer any questions, please contact your site director.

Children’s Therapy Services | Early Intervention

How do I access the teletherapy option?

If you haven’t already, please discuss teletherapy options with your therapist and how it might work for you and your child. We have been working diligently to adapt both individual and group curricula to virtual sessions and are excited to maintain continuity of our therapy services during this pandemic. You can also email us to express interest in receiving teletherapy during the closure and we will discuss options with you.

Do insurance companies and the Regional Center accept teletherapy?

The following organizations have confirmed reimbursement for teletherapy sessions:

  • Golden Gate Regional Center
  • San Andreas Regional Center
  • In-network insurance companies:
    • Blue Shield
    • Health Plan San Mateo
    • Kaiser Permanente

If your insurance company is out-of-network and you are currently a private-pay client, we can continue to provide teletherapy. You will need to check with your insurance company directly with regards to reimbursement for your teletherapy sessions.

What technology do I need for my child to participate in teletherapy?

Internet Connection:

While the exact speed recommendations may vary, upload/download speed of at least 3-5 Mbps are generally recommended for smooth streaming. While lower internet speeds can work, the overall quality of video and audio clarity will be affected. You can check your internet speed at www.speedtest.net. Some Internet service providers are offering temporary free service to low-income families due to COVID-19.

Hardware minimum requirements:

  • Processing speed – 2.30-2.40GHz
  • Memory (RAM) – 8Gb
  • Camera – integrated or external
  • Microphone – integrated or external

Optional requirements (Recommended, but not required):

  • 1 Ethernet port (for wired internet connection)
  • Additional USB ports if a suitable integrated camera, microphone or mouse is not available (1 for each: microphone/headset, webcam and wired mouse).
If I don’t utilize teletherapy during the closure will I be able to resume therapy sessions and/or classes when the clinics reopen?

Unfortunately, we are unable to secure your spot in our program while we are waiting to reopen.

Is teletherapy only for individual appointments or will classes also be held virtually?

All class curricula have been adapted to online sessions and we are holding virtual classes. Please reach out to your class teacher to confirm your child’s schedule.

Will home-based visits continue?

Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct home visits at this time.

Adult Services

Should I still attend my day program?

No. All in-person day programs are currently suspended to align with current restrictions. Day programs will continue to provide remote programming. You can access additional classes taught by AbilityPath instructors here.

Should adult participants continue reporting to work at their job in the community?

Group Employment sites remain open on a case by case basis. Some employers are allowing staff to continue working while implementing additional safety measures such as social distancing. Participants should check with their job coach or program manager on their status.

Are any services being offered remotely?

Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills, and the Art and Computer Education Program will continue to be offered remotely, and in-person services will be provided for those who need emergency services. Group Employment sites remain open on a case by case basis. Day programs will continue to provide remote programming. You can access additional classes taught by AbilityPath instructors here.

Who will be eligible for remote services and how do we enroll?

We will communicate directly with participants and families whose services could be delivered remotely. Regional Center clients are eligible to participate in our virtual services. Please contact your Regional Center Social Worker and have them send a referral to AbilityPath to start the intake process. For current participants, we will communicate directly with participants and families whose services could be delivered remotely.

Does AbilityPath provide respite services?

AbilityPath does not provide respite services. Please contact your Regional Center social worker for available respite resources.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email your program manager with questions about emergency services or remote services from the list below, or call Brandon Allen at 650-683-0080.

ILS – Jake Dunbar
Daly City and Burlingame Learning Campuses – Jennifer Senecal
Community Access – Mark Sharea
Palo Alto Adult Day and Community Connections – Fi Kazi
Computer Education – Pamela Newman
Art Program – Shay Barnett
Employment Services Manager – Patty Holm


How can I access a developmental screening for my child?

All in-person services are suspended but families can still access developmental screening for your child during this time.  We encourage families to use our online screening tools available in English and Spanish.  We can also schedule telephone screenings. Please call us at 650-762-6930 or complete this form.

How can I access Family Resource Center services?

All in-person services are suspended but coordinators remain available by telephone and email to support parents of children with special needs. Please call 650-259-0189 or email info@smcfrc.org.

When can my child get vaccinated?

Parents of children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities may be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the first Phase 1A phase. See attached letter for more information. Please reach out to your Regional Center Service Coordinator if you have any specific questions.

Maintaining Health and Safety

How can I help reduce the spread of COVID-19?
Social distancing and hand washing are some of the most important things you can do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a lot of useful information on their website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html
What are the latest quarantine guidelines after exposure to COVID-19?
Here are the current guidelines published by the California Department of Social Services:


How can learn about the California Exposure Notification App?

As part of California’s efforts to contain and reduce the spread of COVID-19, on Dec 7 Governor Newsom launched a new Exposure Notification APP that can alert people who may have been exposed to someone who is positive for the virus.

AbilityPath strongly encourages you to use this app to protect yourselves, your co-workers, and your families. The APP is built on the Exposure Notification technology developed by Apple and Google, which was designed to provide these alerts while protecting your privacy.  

Neither your identity nor your location will be shared with other users, Apple, or Google.  And to be clear, AbilityPath will not have any access to the data either.

By using this technology to help protect our workplace and our homes, we working to break the chain of transmission and accelerate the path to recovery.   Below are the links to download the APP:

  • Android devices:  Download CA Notify here
  • iOS/Apple devices iPhone: Turn on Exposure Notifications in your iPhone settings

After you turn on the app can you post/tweet that you are using the app!  Let’s keep each other safe and healthy.  We owe it to ourselves and to one another. 

Please see the videos linked below:




Where can I get information on COVID-19 vaccines?

Information from the California Department of Developmental Services: https://www.dds.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Vaccine_FAQ_01082021.pdf

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