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COVID-19 Information and Resources

We are here to help you during this health crisis


Covid-19 Resources for Families is an extended list of activities, information, and websites to support families during shelter-in-place. Please access here.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Kids featuring AbilityPath therapist, Lauren Seager. Please access here.


Where do I learn more about Learning Links policies and procedures?

Parents of currently enrolled students will receive information directly from your school. For more information or to answer any questions, please contact your site director.


How do I access the teletherapy option?

If you haven’t already, please discuss teletherapy options with your therapist and how it might work for you and your child. We have been working diligently to adapt both individual and group curricula to virtual sessions and are excited to maintain continuity of our therapy services during this pandemic. You can also email us to express interest in receiving teletherapy during the closure and we will discuss options with you.

Do insurance companies and the Regional Center accept teletherapy?

The following organizations have confirmed reimbursement for teletherapy sessions:

  • Golden Gate Regional Center
  • San Andreas Regional Center
  • In-network insurance companies:
    • Blue Shield
    • Health Plan San Mateo
    • Kaiser Permanente

If your insurance company is out-of-network and you are currently a private-pay client, we can continue to provide teletherapy. You will need to check with your insurance company directly with regards to reimbursement for your teletherapy sessions.

What technology do I need for my child to participate in teletherapy?

Internet Connection:

While the exact speed recommendations may vary, upload/download speed of at least 3-5 Mbps are generally recommended for smooth streaming. While lower internet speeds can work, the overall quality of video and audio clarity will be affected. You can check your internet speed at Some Internet service providers are offering temporary free service to low-income families due to COVID-19.

Hardware minimum requirements:

Processing speed – 2.30-2.40GHz
Memory (RAM) – 8Gb
Camera – integrated or external
Microphone – integrated or external

Optional requirements (Recommended, but not required):

1 Ethernet port (for wired internet connection)
Additional USB ports if a suitable integrated camera, microphone or mouse is not available (1 for each: microphone/headset, webcam and wired mouse).

If I don’t utilize teletherapy during the closure will I be able to resume therapy sessions and/or classes when the clinics reopen?

Unfortunately, we are unable to secure your spot in our program while we are waiting to reopen.

Is teletherapy only for individual appointments or will classes also be held virtually?

All class curricula have been adapted to online sessions and we are holding virtual classes. Please reach out to your class teacher to confirm your child’s schedule.

Will home-based visits continue?

Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct home visits at this time.

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