Self-Directed Learning

Adult Services

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Physical Well-Being

Nutrition Games

  • Food sort
    • Organize various food items into proper storage such as fridge, freezer, or pantry
  • Label Lingo
    • Answer questions based on information from nutrition label on various food items
  • Blast Off
    • Add various foods into the spaceship to provide enough fuel for blast off
  • Snack Sort
    • Rank various food items based on nutrition label information
  • Sortify
    • Group foods in bins based on specific criteria
  • Pick your plate global
    • Explore different countries around the world and create a daily meal plan with popular foods in that region



Art Games

  • Street Art
    • create grafitti style paintings and drawings
  • Art-themed Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Quick, Draw!
    • AI tries to guess what participant is drawing, also shows how AI continues to learn from people’s
      drawings as well
  • Auto Draw
    • Interactive drawing page that also tries to recognize what participant is drawing
  • Color
    • Teaches participants about the different aspects of color
  • Shape Type
    • Participants try to move certain points on a letter to properly shape it

Art Activity Lesson Plans

Live Online Classes

Live classes on Google Meet

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