Stroke and Brain Injury Services

AbilityPath is offering therapeutic services and programming for people with stroke and brain injuries previously provided by two organizations – Services for Brain Injury (SBI) and REACH Program.

Through our community-based small group therapy classes and 1-on-1 services we can provide continuity of care and share resources. We offer a variety of classes throughout the week. Our therapists are licensed physical, speech, and occupational therapists and have decades of learning and hands-on service expertise.

Services Offered

Support Groups

Touchstones is the longest running support group in the Bay Area for people with brain injuries and their caregivers. The group ran in person for many years at Service for Brain Injury and now has a home at AbilityPath. Participants support each other in discussions about rehabilitation, jobs, volunteer work, housing and relationships, both personal and in their communities. The group meets every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 pm and is professionally facilitated. The second Wednesday of the month caregivers break-out into their own group for discussion. New and past participants are welcome! For more information, please contact

  • Mobility and Fitness Skills
    Led by a licensed Physical Therapist, participants in the 50-minute Physical Therapy session address issues related to balance, coordination, mobility, gait, muscle retraining and pain management. Peers encourage each other in a supportive group environment. The focus of the group is to maintain and improve fitness, mobility and strength and to prevent injury.
  • Daily Living Skills
    A 50-minute session is taught by a licensed occupational therapist. The focus is to practice everyday skills in the areas of physical and cognitive functioning, mobility, socializing, perception of self, relationships, independent living, and safety. We combine individual and group activities that work your body and mind. Whether cooking together, exercising, creating an art project, working on a puzzle with a peer, or gardening, you are actively moving toward healing.
  • Speech, Language and Cognitive Skills
    The 50-minute Speech-Language group, led by a licensed Speech Pathologist, is designed to promote camaraderie while enhancing communication abilities. Working in a supportive environment, participants use all possible means to communicate via activities that address speech, language, critical thinking and memory skills. Group conversation provides you the opportunity to discuss meaningful and functional topics and build your confidence to engage more fully in family and community life.


Cubberley Community Center
4000 Middlefield Road, Building P
Palo Alto, CA 94303


All classes offered between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm from Monday to Thursday

How to enroll for classes

For more information on our classes, please email or call (650) 509-9530. To enroll for classes, please fill out these two forms: new student form and a medical release form and a program coordinator will reach out to you. You will also need to have your physician fill out this form: medical referral form.

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