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Preschool and Kindergarten School Readiness

Did you know that 85% of a child’s brain develops in the first 5 years? Our interactive and engaging one-on-one sessions will lay the foundation for lifelong learning! Play and learn with credentialed early childhood educators using age-appropriate activities to help your child develop the skills and behaviors needed to prepare for school success. After an assessment for meeting developmental milestones, a learning plan will be created based on your child’s unique abilities.

Teletherapy is Currently Available

Preschool activities include:
  • Interacting and socializing with others
  • Expressing emotions
  • Developing imaginative play skills
  • Following instructions and direction
  • Burlingame
  • Redwood City
Kindergarten activities include:
  • Identifying letters, numbers, shapes, and colors
  • Recognizing, sorting, and tracing shapes and colors
  • Practicing sounds and rhyming words, reading, and vocabulary
  • Building problem-solving skills

Check coverage and payment options for more information about pricing, scheduling, and insurance. If you have any other questions, please call 650-259-8509 or email If you would like to schedule a session, please complete this form.

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