Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy (OT) helps children learn to perform everyday tasks and take part in day-to-day life. Our occupational therapists teach children with delays, special needs, and autism skills for interacting with others, skills for sensory processing and self-regulation, self-care skills, and gross and fine motor skills.

Teletherapy is Currently Available

Areas of focus:
  • Fine motor skills – Developing coordination of small movements with wrists, hands, and fingers to improve activities like drawing and using scissors
  • Gross motor skills – Increasing ability to balance, run, jump, and play using the whole body and limbs through guided movement
  • Visual motor skills – Improving hand-eye coordination through activities such as handwriting or copying from a whiteboard
  • Sensory processing – Helping improve tolerance for kids with an increased or decreased sensitivity to noise, touch, sounds, and smells
  • Self-regulation skills – Teaching a child who has difficulty controlling behavior ways to cope
  • Self-care skills – Practicing feeding, dressing, toileting, and grooming for greater independence
Occupational Therapy Intensives

Six 30-minute sessions for additional 1:1 time with a highly qualified and experienced occupational therapist. These 30-minute sessions are designed to work on specific skill improvements such as handwriting or sensory issues.

Check coverage and payment options for more information about pricing, scheduling and insurance. If you have any other questions, please call 650-259-8509. If you would like to schedule a session, please complete this form.

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