The Power of Inclusion is Essential

Marissa’s Story

Marissa’s disability made her timid, afraid of the world, and uncomfortable interacting with anyone besides her family. Within weeks of starting at AbilityPath as a teenager, Marissa was taking public transportation unaccompanied and engaging in conversations with others. Through AbilityPath’s Employment Program, Marissa transformed into a confident, warm, and caring employee. According to Marissa, “Dorothy, my job coach, helped me be confident. She encouraged me to be brave, to talk to other people, to make new friends.” Marissa received the essential building blocks to independence she always wanted, and strengthened relationships with those around her.

AbilityPath empowers children and adults with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential. We enrich the lives of 1,000+ individuals each day with our lifespan of services, including educational, vocational and family support. Our vision is a world where people of all abilities are accepted, respected, and included.

Join us and inspire inclusion in our community.

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