Via Services Affiliation with AbilityPath

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We are excited to announce that Via Services is affiliated with AbilityPath.

We strongly believe that we can better serve our community by joining forces and thriving together!

We are excited to announce that effective July 1, 2022, Via Services officially became affiliated with AbilityPath, making the newly combined nonprofit one of the largest providers of services for individuals with developmental disabilities on the Peninsula, offering the most comprehensive portfolio of services throughout a person’s lifetime. Both organizations share a common mission and vision for the future: ensuring those we serve achieve their full potential and are included in all aspects of our community – from the classroom to the workplace.

AbilityPath and Via Services proactively pursued this affiliation opportunity as an important strategic move to help the combined organization mitigate the challenges posed by the pandemic, the increasing costs of doing business in the Bay Area, and two decades of underfunding of California’s disability services system. Joining together allows both organizations to leverage and streamline existing administrative and support functions, allowing more resources to be directed to programs and staff, which will improve the quality of services for the families, children, and adults we serve. AbilityPath is headquartered in Redwood City and offers services in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties at 13 locations. Via Services primarily serves individuals and families at two locations in Santa Clara County. Together, with 15 locations, the combining of our organizations is incredibly advantageous to the individuals and families we serve and provide more opportunities for our dedicated team members as well. We are able to scale and leverage our administrative functions, allowing additional resources to be dedicated to recruitment and retention of direct care professionals and the critical services and supports they provide. Together, we are able to share resources, expand programs and deepen our community partnerships. We are committed to thriving together!

Bryan Neider is the CEO of the combined organization. Over the next several months, we will provide regular updates on our progress. We are working together to ensure a smooth transition, and to continue providing amazing, high-quality programs and services without interruption.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our mission of acceptance, respect and inclusion. We are excited about the future!

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